We are manufacturing 5-kgs and 650 grams blocks, which have extensive applications in horticulture by virtue to its excellent drainage properties and ability to trtain high oxygen levels. In recent years, these peat blocks have succeeded in replacing peat moss in commercial and domestic garden houses, and in home gardening where they are known to induce early germination of seeds by breaking seed dormancy in almost all flowering plants and vegetable corps. They have been wildly and successfully used for lawns, orchids and all kinds of garden plants. They also provide an excellent growing medium for vegetables in posts or on the ground.

Dimensions30*30*12 cm
EC< 0.5 ms/cm on 1:1:5 ratio
PH0.5 to 6.5
MoistureLess than 18%
Sieve6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm Mesh
Packing Palletized and strapped / shrink wrapped pallets
Loadability22 to 23 tons per 1*40 HC (20 Pallets / 22 Pallets)