The husk chips are one of the major by-products obtained from the coconut husks while extracting the coir fibre. The husk chips are very useful for various types of gardening works. They are ideally used in flower beds in the gardens. The extensive use of the husk chips is witnessed in the orchids and anthurium. The main purpose of using the husk chips is to cover the ground efficiently where the chips retain the moisture in the ground and prevent the essential soil nutrients from leaching out thereby providing the plants with enough nutrition to have a healthy growth. The husks chips are by-products obtained from the coconut husks thus they are fully natural and organic. These organic materials when applied to the soil decomposes over a certain course of time and make the soil richer in nutrients, help in increasing the soil fertility by conditioning the soil.

The husk chips are best used as a growing medium for the germinating seeds. The germinating seeds require moisture and best nutrition thus the husk chips act as the best growing medium fulfilling all the requirements of germinating seeds.